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The Writer’s Well Episode 184: What will be the title of your memoir?

With Rachael a bit under the weather, J. invites bestselling author and all-around beautiful human, Stephanie Bond to the show. Stephanie stumps J. with a question about his memoir.

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28 thoughts on “The Writer’s Well Episode 184: What will be the title of your memoir?”

  1. Morning guys. Great substitute and what a lovely voice, definitely A team material. Hope Rachael is feeling better.
    Love the question and Stephanie’s prompting to get to ‘Roses and Thorns.’ Works for me.
    Doubt I will write a memoir unless I become a bestselling author, but then I might not have time as I would probably try to capitalise on my success.
    What would I call a memoir? ‘My Way’ could be relevant, albeit cliche. Thinking about it my favourite might be something like ‘I hear what you’re saying but…’
    Great show.

  2. Hi J and Stephanie

    So sorry Rachael is unwell, fingers crossed it’s just a summer cold and nothing nastier.

    I am writing a memoir and it’s title for now is ‘Salt and Vinegar crisps and a jar of Marmite’ but I don’t know if I can use Marmite so we’ll see. It’s about leaving the stability of good jobs, family and a known language to live in France and how I’ve learnt to accept myself, failings and strengths along the way.

    I also put it aside to write some fiction, and I’m not sure if anyone will want to read it, so I’m writing it for me. I hope you get back to yours soon, J.

    Take care and hope to hear more from Stephanie in later episodes.

  3. I’ve thought of a couple memoirs I could write.
    The one I might call – Building my wings on the way down
    The other, I’m not sure. Probably because I’m too close to it and it’s raw emotions. It would be about a very particular time in my life and I’m not sure I, or others, are ready for it.

    1. Love that title, love the bradbury ref. And hey, you know I’m going to poke and say that the other memoir needs to be written at some point, right? Write it true, let it breathe, and THEN decide how to put it out there (pen name, changing things to protect others, but only AFTER you write it true). No hurry, but it wants to live. 😉

  4. I’m sorry Rachael is unwell! I hope she recovers soon.

    I love the Roses and Thorns idea. Or some variation.

    Right now, I have no desire to write a memoir, but if I did, I’d write about my time practicing aikido and dance. I took up aikido at 36 and then joined a dance group at 40, dancing to rhythms I had never heard before and even performing. Both of those completely transformed my life, and I still do both. My memoir title would have to include how the two joined together in my life and even informed each other. A word like Blending might need to be a part of it!

  5. My stressed out brain was so happy to have your yarn ball of fun to play with on the way to work today.

    J if your memoir is about your health journey it could be “Through Thicket and Thin” and Rachael can write a memoir about this podcast called “A Thorn by My Side”. (Didn’t say they were good ideas, just fun to think about.)

    My memoir in process (that I have mentioned before I am sure) is:
    “No one brings you casserole when your kid tries to kill themselves; one Mothers journey of losing a daughter and gaining a son.”

    If was about me and not a shared journey (which trust me NO one wants to read) would probably pull a line from one of my poems – maybe “Grief; whitewashed with wit and whimsy” or “Pirate on a Princess Ship”. Hope Rachael feels better soon – thanks for the wonderful show.

  6. Best wishes to Rachael, hope you feel better!

    Hmm I would probably be one of those trendy hype people and write about how veganism drove my joy of cooking. Probably title it something like ‘Potatoes into Cheese! And Other Bouts of Cooking Madness from a Vegan Alchemist’

    Plus side about cooking with restrictions is that you have to get crafty, fail a bunch of times, and prevail eventually with something delectable.

  7. Get better, Rachael! Thanks for filling in Stephanie. I’m not sure I can remember what my first concert was. My BFF still has her Queen ticket from 76. Her dad drove her in and waited outside for her.
    My memoir title? hmmm … Delightfully Vague?
    Roses and Thorns – maybe, but remember the sweetest smelling roses have the fiercest thorns.

  8. Another thoughtful and informative episode. I hope Rachael feels better. Enjoyed the conversation with Stephanie, and I love her idea of Roses and Thorns” for a memoir title, but my mind immediately reversed it to “Thorns and Roses.”(Sorry can’t help myself.)
    “Thorns and Roses” shares the rhythm of the name Guns and Roses and carries a subliminal connection to your passion for music, the 80’s metal era, and their influence on your life. Thorns and Roses also tells a sequential story in itself, a hero’s journey. It holds a promise that readers will benefit from your authentic sharing of embracing and conquering the thorns so you can smell the roses. Can’t help myself…

  9. Sorry to hear Rachael isn’t feeling well. Hope you feel better soon.

    Hi, Stephanie, thanks for stepping up on such short notice, and then giving J. a stumper question.

    I’m not the memoir type, but after some thought I’d have to title mine Broken Widget in honour of all the ways I never fit in over the years.

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