The Writer’s Well Episode 180: What is your morning routine?

J. returns after a short break (not really a break) and asks Rachael one of those questions that always prompts a different answer. 

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24 thoughts on “The Writer’s Well Episode 180: What is your morning routine?”

  1. Morning guys. Welcome back J.
    As a loner, retired, writer, my morning routine is the same as it ever was.
    Lovely wifey Denise brings me a cup of tea at 0630 on days she goes to work (nurse). Otherwise I get up around 0700 and Denise and I go for our daily walk; we are doing a 1000 mile challenge this year. A couple of days a week I go running first thing. I may be running a marathon next year so I’ll need to run more often. Breakfast, then to writing, reading, plotting etc.
    I’m normally in bed by 2100 to read because I’m not a big fan of TV any more. I’d rather watch repeats of old stuff than new stuff because I find a lot of new stuff predictable. Am I the only one in the UK who is not interested in watching a dramatisation of something that was on the news a month or so ago? BBC are doing the Salisbury Novichock drama on TV at the moment. I saw it on the news and it was boring then.
    I have Netflix and Prime but if I watch something new on TV I sit there with an imaginary bullet point list in my head wondering when the drama is going to tick the next cliche or politically correct trope off.
    Is that the curse of being a writer? Is that worth a topic for discussion? The curse of being a writer when watching TV and film.
    Great show guys.

  2. Welcome back J. Since the hospital has remained open my daily routine is pretty much the same except that the instances of being in the shower trying to justify a reason to call in sick has increased ten-fold. To clarify – I never have – and likely never will without a being really ill (I’d like to say due to morals but the truth is I am one of those people who ALWAYS gets caught when I try to fudge the rules). My weekend routine has changed though because hospital work is taking a lot more emotional and physical energy than it used to say six months ago, so I am pretty much wanting a few days of quiet and almost blankness (for lack of a better word) on weekends which is not great for creative pursuits. Financially I am grateful I was not put on furlough like some of my colleagues – but some days it sounds more pleasant that juggling balls for your own work and those of people who were forced to stay home. Grass-greener-yadayada… Long term – better than layoffs. So good to hear the joy of you two together again. Wishing everyone a good week.

    1. At my first 911 job, we had “sunshine checks” where they were allowed to drive to your house and knock on your door to see how sick you really were if you called off. It never happened to me, I’m kind of still scared of it happening! (PS – mental health day IS a sick day, if you ask me.) xo

  3. COVID has changed my routine up. We got a rescue dog. My wife gets up about 4:30 am to go for a run. In the past I slept till 6:00 am, now I am up with the puppy. Most morning I grab a coffee and sit outside as the puppy frolics in the yard. Once we head inside I check email and then typically have 30-40 minutes to get a little writing done before I have have to get ready for the day.

  4. Good morning!

    My morning routine is currently in flux, partly due to some new things I’m trying to add and partly due to preparing for a cross-country move. (My husband is in academia, and we basically move as much as a military couple.) My ideal morning, which I’m working toward, will include writing, meditation/affirmations, and yoga. It’s been challenging to figure out the order and how to keep myself from getting sucked into email and other menial tasks.

    Speaking of the J.K. Rowling controversy, it has inspired a lot of conversations among my writer circles. Basically, can you separate the artist from their art? Can we still enjoy in Harry Potter, Woody Allen movies, etc. while disagreeing with their creators? And, for us as writers personally, how much of yourselves and your values do you put in your books? How much do you want readers to separate you from your books?

    Would love to know your thoughts (or other listeners’ thoughts), either from the reader or writer perspective. And totally understand and respect if you don’t want to touch that controversy with a 10-foot pole!

    1. Basically, can you separate the artist from their art?

      That is a great question. Something I need to think about…

    2. Can you separate the artist from their art? Tough question. Both Stalin and Hitler painted. And today in UK some are trawling through famous individuals’ histories to find reasons to hate them, so it may not be a good time to ask that question. Could a solution be to separate a person’s views from their actions? I know J. K. does a lot for charity and is always donating quite large sums to good causes, those are her actions. Only recently she donated £1 million to domestic abuse charities and homeless charities during lockdown. Does that absolve her from having a point of view some may disagree with?

    3. I think about this a lot! I’ll never willingly put my hard-earned dollars into the art of someone like Woody Allen or Harvey Weinstein, so for me, I don’t watch their art because I’m voting with my dollars. (And I’m missing out! Woody Allen is a genius! And a pedophile. Recently read Ronan Farrow’s book on Weinstein – he doesn’t say much about his “father” but the juxtaposition of the two is fascinating.) Glad I read all the HP books before learning of JK’s transphobia, because I wouldn’t vote with my dollars for her work, either. So, yeah, I guess I don’t separate the two if I’m paying for the work.

  5. Welcome back J.

    My morning routine hasn’t changed all that much. Up at 4:20 Thursday and Friday to start work at 6. 6:20 Saturday and Sunday to start at 8. That’s up, feed the cat, get dressed, breakfast, check email, travel mug of tea, queue up commute podcasts, and hit the road.

    Wednesday is different because I’m doing contract work remotely except for the first day of each month where paperwork requires me to be in the office. No commute allows me to sleep until 8:20.

    Monday and Tuesday are the oddities. A year ago I could easily sleep to 11. Then that switched to 10 after which I had to get up. Now I’m up as early as 9 no matter how well or bad I slept the night before.

  6. My morning routine has been all kinds of crazy since the pandemic. My partner has been sick with COVID for three months, so that upends everything. My son is living back home and he’s so enraged about what’s going on in the world, it’s exhausting me. I do get up early every day, at about 5:30-6. I read for about 30-45 minutes. I try to walk the dog early several mornings a week, but I have to get out by 6:30 before it gets hot. That’s about it for a routine!

    I love the idea of sorting by element. 🙂 I’m totally AIR. If you haven’t ever watched the show Avatar: The Last Airbender, you should watch it. It’s one of the best stories and has one of my favorite redemption arcs. It’s now on Netflix. I’m on my fourth viewing of it! It was designed for kids and animated, so if that’s an issue, get through the first few episodes and you’ll see what I mean about the great storytelling.

      1. Yes, but soooo slowly. This long recovery time is actually fairly common. There are now online support groups for the people who are called, “long-haulers.” 🙁

  7. This is my first time commenting, but I loved this topic of morning routine. The thing for me is that I often hear that first thing in the morning is the best time to do X, Y or Z. Eg: it’s the best time to meditate, the best time to exercise, the best time to write.

    So how do I do them all first thing in the morning?? Especially as I have a full-time job, and a partner who I want to spend time with in the evening (hence I don’t want to go to bed at 8pm).

    I’ve done my exercise first thing in the morning since 2012 and love it – I’m a regular gym goer, so 4 days a week I get up at 6am, have a cup of tea, get ready and then head off to the gym, then get to work at 9am. So that’s really the sum total of my morning routine.

    Having said that, my morning routine on days I don’t go to the gym (Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays) is terrible. I’m a sloth who stands by the kitchen bench, drinking tea and scrolling through social media for ages.

    I know I could use that time for a) meditation or b) writing, and that they would set me up for a better day. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Let’s see if I can start tomorrow…

    1. PS: I’ve been listening to The Writer’s Well since March, going through the most recent episodes backwards and the earliest episodes from the beginning. At some point they’ll meet in the middle! I love the way you guys interact with each other, the fact that you straddle both trad and indie publishing, and the insight I gain into the lives of two authors, with no sugar-coating or “YOU MUST DO THIS” rules. Thank you.

  8. oooh that oura ring looks very cool. My sleep is bad atm, too. My fitbit records my sleep as broken with like an hour break in the middle of the night when it says I am awake. I asked the tribe, am I sleepwalking? thrashing about? who the heck knows?
    I get up at 8, make my bed, do my morning pages in 4thewords, draw a tarot card for the day [they are shouting at me atm – repeated cards] and then proceed to distract myself for the rest of the day!

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