The Writer’s Well Episode 178: If You Couldn’t Write Books, How Would You Be Creative?

The awesome Mark Leslie Lefebvre is an author, podcaster, and professional speaker who’s also a digital publishing book nerd and craft beer lover. Today, he steps into J’s shoes and talks with Rachael about how creativity might well up if the book flow dried up. 

Here’s Mark’s original Stealers Wheel Parody of Stuck in the Middle with You

Here’s the K-Tel Compilation Parody

And the latest “Dad Joke Short Film” stupid video – “Under Attack!”

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21 thoughts on “The Writer’s Well Episode 178: If You Couldn’t Write Books, How Would You Be Creative?”

  1. Great guest today and I love the question.
    What would I do if I couldn’t write? I write poetry, is that allowed? If not I would spend more time learning to play guitar. I’ve had a guitar for many years but only recently started to learn to play it properly with formal lessons and I love it. When I’m better at the guitar I’ll learn the harmonica. I once went mountaineering with some Royal Marines and when we got to the top of a mountain one of the guys produced a harmonica from his pocket and started to play. In that place place at that time it was magical.
    Lovely wifey Denise loves it when I pick up my harmonica because when I have a harmonica in my mouth I can’t sing at the same time; I am awful at singing. Have you ever tried the harmonica Mark? Only because it’s portable, of course. 😉.
    Great show.

  2. oooh… I’d sing
    do calligraphy
    make clothes

    all of these are hobbies, but if I needed an income from it, I think my bff might be right; I’d be a story coach or an editor for others [assuming they can write in a world where I can’t.]

  3. Love writers, planning cozy events and facilitating groups so maybe use my creative energy to build accessible writers retreats? This would also take winning the lottery but if there is a Genie in this scenario maybe there is also a Fairy God-Person who can whip up a few million for me. Lovely show as always – thank you.

  4. One of a handful of things I often wish I had put real energy into when younger is playing the guitar. I dabbled in elementary school but never got serious enough to keep it going. Now I have other things, like writing, that rank higher leaving me no room to take it up again. To this day I think a well played acoustic guitar is one of the best instruments ever created.

  5. I have always been into photography. My day job is doing CSI work, so I take loads of forensic photos. So if I could not write I would explore the artistic side of photography. Try my hand at digital design, maybe even make book covers for people still writing.

    Side note to Mark – My real name last name is LeFebvre. So please make that YouTube video you mentioned about how to pronounce it. LoL

  6. Thanks to Mark for admitting that writing fiction is hard right now. I’ve been the same. Non-fiction is fine as are other projects. Fiction, though, has been really tough. Lots of starts and stops.

    If I couldn’t write, I’d play drums and dance all the time. I already play, but don’t get to it as much as I’d like. I’d also explore different kinds of drumming. I already dance too and I’d get way more into it if I didn’t write.

    1. For me both has been hard, the non- fiction maybe because it went to a bi monthly issue and the habit dropped off.The fiction has continued but perhaps not with the same joy. It’s back now though.

    2. One of my favorite writers was also a drummer. Neil Peart.

      Makes me wonder, if you’re having issues getting the words down, how sitting at your drum kit and focusing on a beat or a rhythm (or even just pounding away a la Phil Collins in “In the Air Tonight” can be a useful exercise.

      Of course, you’re still dancing on the drum kit, or making the sticks dance across the drums – I love the image that puts in my mind.

  7. love the idea of putting a note of what is inside a notebook on the cover. I keep a book for ‘research’ on random things I want to write down in books I read.

    If I couldn’t write I would get my creativity out with my fashion.

  8. Great show, very funny. Thank you.
    What a question..
    I’ve already sold painted metalware and boxes- years ago and that was fun, but now I think I’d get back to wood carving and create beautiful things for woodlands, parks beaches to insire people to write, dream and create. These beautiful things would contain subtle messages about looking after the planet and the frailties of humans.
    Oh wow, I want to do this..maybe it’s my impossible.

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